8 steps to Kick-Start your YouTube Channel as a beginner

8 steps to Kick-Start your YouTube Channel as a beginner

Are you in a dilemma as how to get a kick-start of your YouTube-channel? If you have just started your YouTube channel and worried about growing your subscribers organically then this blog is a must-read for you… So, do you have to pay for it? The answer is NO! You don’t have to buy YouTube subscribers to get traffic and engagement on your channel as a beginner. There are many easy ways through which you can get YouTube subscribers for free.

So, let’s go on this Ladder of 8 steps which will ultimately take you to your destination…!!!


Regularity is unquestionably a part of Consistency. But is only being regular make you consistent? The answer is Nope. Creator should have a video/content schedule for your YouTube channel. You cannot upload Informative video on one day and Prank Video on the other day. You have to define your niche. Select your Niche from-

  • Gaming
  • Vlogging
  • Cooking
  • DIY Videos
  • Comedy
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • And a lot more in the bucket…
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Adding to this, you will also have to create your original thumbnail template and specific style for your video content to have uniformity in your styling. Just stick to a particular format to be unique on YouTube which also helps your viewers to recognize you.


A channel description also known as your about page is a brief outline of your channel’s goals and objective. It describes what sort of content you publish on your YouTube channel and how it benefits the viewers.

Never ignore your About Section as it is the image of you that you display to your audiences so that they can know you more and the type of videos you create.

It should be well written including KEYWORDS which can also help you for analyzing YouTube SEO.

The first 100-character snippet is displayed next to your video which is of utmost importance. Include the following details there:

  • WHY?

Communicate with your audience about your USP.


Express what benefits they will get from watching your content.


Intended for a better and optimized channel to rank at the top.



Thumbnails are the first and the foremost thing which catches the sight of your audience. It is important to make your thumbnail as engaging and as attractive as possible.

We all are acquainted with the fact that YouTube is a visual platform, hence, whoever visits YouTube, before reading the text, viewers look at the thumbnails. Therefore, it is essential to make it creative and eye-catching which quickly grasps your viewer’s attention.

How to make an attractive Thumbnail-

  • HD Quality pictures.
  • Use a great color combination
  • Include your Title text.

Here are some of the best online tools which you can use to create YouTube thumbnails: Canva, Fotojet, Adobe Spark, Fotor.


Creating a video playlist on your YouTube channel makes it easier for the viewers to know your segments. Playlists make it easy to curate your content into different categories.

Also, it helps to increase the watch-time. Ever heard of the word Binge-watching? If you have segregated your video content then viewers are more likely to binge-watch your videos in the order that they’re intended to be viewed. It automatically plays the videos in the playlist which helps you to get more views and subscribers for free.

STEP 5- CTA FOR YOUTUBE: As you do it for your other social media platforms and landing pages, YouTube also has a CTA called as SUBSCRIBE, it’s simple, your mission is to get more subscribers for free, JUST ASK THEM!

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“Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. Don’t forget to click Subscribe if you want more weekly updates on [whatever your niche is].”

You can also add a watermark of SUBSCRIBE NOW! On your video.


Engagement is a two-way road that requires input from both you and your viewers. Continuously and energetically encourage your viewers to comment, share, like, and subscribe to your videos. It’s also important to engage with them in the comment section. Ask them any answers like- How they do the thing or what are their views on the topic on which the video is made.

Remember to respond to your viewers’ behavior on time. Show appreciation by thanking them. It helps to retain your audience for a longer relationship.


Looking to take your YouTube channel to a next level? Social media platforms will help you with it. With 2.23 billion actively monthly users on Facebook. 1 billion on Instagram and 330 million on Twitter, cross-promotion is the best way to spread your YouTube channel.

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Whenever you publish a new YouTube video, create a social media post to get more views and subscribers. 


YouTube itself is a video sharing community. If you wish to get more YouTube subscribers, you can join online networks and community. By routinely partaking in these networks, you can make relations with other users to build your online presence as a YouTube maker.

When you join the community, you will get a lot more out of the site- and find more creative ways to explore.

You can also search Reddit, Quora, and other online forums for conversations about the topic of your YouTube videos.

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At last, to grow your channel, take advantage of the valuable insights provided by your YouTube Analytics and work accordingly.

And you are all set to go…

REMEMBER the thought that Patience is the key to success. You will not get lakhs of subscribers’ over-night. But yes, if you articulate these steps effectively on your YouTube channel, then surely you will achieve success one day.

Just stay Consistent, Work Hard, and have Patience.

What tactics have helped you grow your YouTube Channel? Share with us in the comment below…!!



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