What is Drip Marketing? Best example of Drip Marketing

What is Drip Marketing? Best example of Drip Marketing

Drip Marketing

What is Drip Marketing?

Drip marketing is an email marketing strategy that is made of multiple emails sent out at specific times and dates.

Your new subscribers will receive these emails after signing up through your newsletter sign up forms.

As soon as the subscriber sign up through newsletter signup form they will start receiving the emails.

Then, they will receive your emails in a timely fashion until the campaign ends.

Effective drip campaigns will help you achieve consistent growth and automate time-consuming, demanding, or delicate manual tasks that otherwise could incur mistakes.

So, now you just made your email marketing a lot easier!

Implementing a Drip Campaign

To implement a drip campaign, you need the power of marketing automation.

Marketing automation allows you to set up your email campaigns and schedule them.

This campaign series is what Moosend’s sophisticated email automation is all about!

So, if you haven’t registered, you can sign up for free and start sending unlimited drip campaigns in a breeze.

Now that you got the tools, let’s see what makes these campaigns so unique.

An email drip campaign is perfect for

  • building your list and turning subscribers into advocates through lead nurturing campaigns.
  • giving your signup rate a considerable boost.
  • lowering the risk of people unsubscribing.
  • segmenting your audience into more targeted groups based on user actions.

Now you will see the best example of drip marketing:

Netflix’s Win-Back Campaign

At some point, your loyal customer was happy to do business with you. However, something happened, and you saw them leave.

The reasons behind this phenomenon are simple: your customer found a better product, they forgot about you, or they don’t need your product anymore.

Since competition can be tough for businesses with similar products/services, being smart with your re-engagement tactics is a must.

In this case, your best shot is a well-crafted win-back drip campaign that will be personalized and attractive enough to get your customer back.

A fantastic win-back drip campaign comes from Netflix.

The brand is familiar with the losses incurred by lost subscriptions.

To combat the issue, Netflix has created a smart win-back drip campaign to reduce its churn rate and boost engagement.

This is the first email campaign in netflix's win-back drip campaign

While this email is nothing special, Netflix aims at winning back its customer by including a brightly colored call-to-action.

However, that’s not the only thing that’ll get back those lost subscriptions.

For the next three months, the brand sends its former customers a series of emails with all the new movies and TV series they are missing out.

The image shows Netflix's drip campaign with recently added titles and top picks

Showing their recently added shows along with the user’s top picks gives Netflix’s former customers more reasons to restart their subscription.

After a series of personalized drip campaigns, Netflix finally delivers a targeted email to show customers what they need to do to enjoy all the benefits highlighted throughout the email sequence.

Netflix has one of the best drip campaign examples to win-back lost customers with a brightly colored CTA and short copy

The brand’s entire win-back approach is based on reminding the customer how much fun they had during their subscription.

So, favoring simplicity and showing your customers why they should reinvest in your brand is all you need to restore your lost revenue.

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