TOP 5 LinkedIn Marketing Tools

TOP 5 LinkedIn Marketing Tools

This is a very effective tool that is used for generating leads.

We always find difficulty in selling more but with Dux-suit we can automate the visits in our profile.

With the use of dux-suit we can visit thousands of linkedin profile and widen our reach.

Key Features

  • This tool helps in maintaining the customer’s data and helps in also maintain notes.
  • With the help of this tool we can automatically sends the personalized messages and view prospects.
  • This tool is having the Ability to set up automated drip email campaigns


  • This tool automatically stops the drip campaign when the prospects respond.
  • We can easily upload our own data of profiles for campaigns
  • It automatically download profiles and add to crm.


  • There is a limitation for the feature of halting of drip campaign Dux-soup Turbo.

2. LeadFuze

There are only few tools which can match the ability of this tool. This tools helps in boosting the leads and finding the leads from its 200 million strong database of professionals.

Key features

  • It has the data of professionals from 14 million+ organizations
  •  It has the advance filters for finding the specific leads.
  • We can get the verified personal emails for contacting them.


  • Using Fuzebot it generates leads automatically.
  • Verified emails
  • CRM facility to remove duplicate contacts.


  • We get the download links in our emails but not very instant.
  • Limitation of 1000 contacts of list size.

3. LeadFeeder

It helps to show you the companies who visited our profile and in what they are interested in.

This feature makes this tool as one of the best tool to find the B2B leads to convert them easily.

Key feature

  • It identifies the companies those are looking our website
  • It is connected to CRM
  • Instant email is sent to you mentioning the company looking your website.


  • CRM automatically updated when leads revisit the site.
  • Free trial is also available.
  • Easy to start using LeedFeeder Tracker Script.


  • Filtering leads might be little tricky.

4. ProTop

It is an amazing tool of linkedin to automate the visits.

You just have to define the criteria of search and the tool will fetch the profiles based on it. This will improve the visibility on the platform.

Key feature

  • You can visit up to 1000 profile per day based on the criteria
  • You can reach the profiles by exporting visited profiles.
  • 1-3 months of storage of visited data.


  • It is an independent tool.
  • It provides free version too.
  • Installation is easy.


  • With the free plan there is a limitation to visit 100 profile a day.

5. Buy followers guide

It is one of the best tools used by many businesses. Many businesses use this tool to increase the followers on linkedin.

This tool helps you to connect to the companies that sell linkedin followers. The followers they bring are totally worth your money and will help you boost your credibility, reach, and engagement.

With reputable high-quality follower profiles, your brand can look even more appealing to potential employees, investors, partners, and clients.

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