Tips to wave depression a goodbye in this lockdown

Depression is the absence of being able to envisage that you will ever be cheerful again. The absence of hope – JK Rowling

People globally woke to COVID 19 in this 2020 and it was just not enough, as it was followed by numerous people losing their life, their job, salaried people getting a salary cut, crimes increasing every day and all these are leading to a very common mental illness called depression.

It is lot more common an illness which people have but fail to realize. According to WHO mental illness types are such as depression, bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, dementia etc.

People in spite of knowing about depression woke up all of a sudden on 14th June after the incident of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide broke over internet. People realized depression is a serious illness to get concerned over. There are people who does not acknowledge the need to treat their depression, and that is the reason they worsen their illness.

List of some depression symptoms are as follows:

Feeling of sadness

You must have seen people feeling sad all the time, but don’t really have a reason for that. People may find it normal to feel like that but feeling it for a long time is a big signal that you are suffering from depression.

Feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness

Feeling hopeless and worthless happens in everybody’s life, that is pretty normal. You may come across people who are always feeling low, doesn’t have the urge to feel encouraged and motivated for a long time, and think that all is a problem at the end of the day, then you need to understand that, that person is suffering from depression. Most of such people have traumas in life due to some previous experiences.

Lack of Interest/ Pleasure

There are phases where we all lose interest and pleasure in life due to many reasons but they are temporary, concern arises when it prevails for a long time. It is really concerning and serious if one does not have any zeal left in life. If you meet someone who is lacking interest in life for a long time, you should make him realize that he is suffering from depression.

Reduced appetite and weight loss

There are times when we see our appetite falling and losing weight significantly, we don’t realize but we suffer from depression. Our physical health is directly linked with our mental health. As depression leads to hopelessness it effects our mindset, we even feel tired in consuming food.

Sleep Disorders

Along with other symptoms, unable to sleep properly is also a big symptom of depression. A person either sleeps too much or suffers from insomnia, where he faces difficulty in sleeping. I causes anxiety.

Tips of depression treatment are as follows:

Be a active listener

Contradict any longing to examine or censure once the depressed begins to talk. It is important to know what actually the depressed feel like and what are his/her pain points in order to focus on them. Empathizing a depressed will make him/her feel comfortable in addressing his/her problem.

Make an effort not to give up regardless of whether they shut you out from the beginning. Examining distress can be incredibly extreme for depressors. Whether or not they have to, most depressed think that its hard to precisely clarify their sentiments. Be aware of theirs solace level and yet underscore your anxiety for them, while clarifying that you are glad to listen carefully.

Reach out to close friends

The depressed may affirm that nothing is going right yet has no explanation for what is causing their downturn, that time you should pay notice to your premonitions. If depressed won’t open up to you, consider reaching an untouchable who you think can be an extraordinary partner for the person: a best friend, a mentor, or a colleague.

Engagement in social activities

Depressed will all in all dodge their companions and nearby people and the exercises they used to get euphoria from. Regardless, separation just intensifies despairing, so do what you can to help your dear friend reconnect to people or activities which contributes he/she to feel good about itself.

Focus on Diet

Guarantee should be ensured whether the depressed is getting the adequate sustenance they require for ideal mental prosperity: things like saturated fats, quality protein, vitamins etc. Food play an important role in proving nutrition to one’s mental health.

Seek professional help

The most effective way to treat depression is to seek professional help, as with the help of professional assistant it can effectively solved. They understand the root reasons of depression and give solutions to eradicate them, it shall take time but the depressed and his/her family should have the patience to go with the process. The journey is extremely delicate so the nearby people should ensure that the depressed should not be supplied negativity.

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