Best way on how to easily install Chat-bot to your WordPress 2020

Best way on how to easily install Chat-bot to your WordPress 2020

Here is very easy way to install Chat-bot to your account:

Step 1

To install Chat-bot Log into your WordPress account and go to the Dashboard.

install Chat-bot
Dashboard section inside your WordPress panel

Step 2

To install Chat-bot Navigate to the Plugins section and select “Add New”.

install Chat-bot
To add Tidio plugin, head over to the Plugins section on the left side menu in your WordPress panel

In this section, you can either:

  1. Look for the plugin by typing “Tidio” in the search bar. 
  2. Download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin website and then, upload it from your hard drive.
Find Tidio plugin by using the search bar, located on the upper right side

We recommend using the first approach. It’s a bit easier and faster. Especially, when you don’t have the plugin downloaded.

When you type in the app name, press Enter on your keyboard to let the WordPress look for it.

Tidio will be ready to install from the Plugin section

Step 3

Add live chat plugin by choosing it from the list. Ok, WordPress found the Tidio app. Time to hit the Install Now button to install Chat-bot.

install Chat-bot
Click on the ‘Install Now’ button next to the Tidio plugin in order to install it on your WordPress based website

You’ve got an app installed. Before we move on, make sure you click the Activate button.

You will see the ‘active’ button next to the Tidio plugin, once the Plugin will be activated

Now, if you go back to your Plugins section, you’ll see Tidio on the list. 

install Chat-bot
Correctly installed Tidio plugin will be visible inside the Plugins section of your WordPress panel

Notice the Deactivate link. It means that the app is active and you can deactivate it anytime you need it.

Step 4

Create a free Tidio account. If you haven’t registered your account yet, now it’s a good time to do this.

Locate Tidio Chat on the menu on your left hand-site and click it. Next, enter your email address to sign up.

install Chat-bot
Add your email in order to create your Tidio account

When you’re done, you’ll receive a message saying that your site is integrated with Tidio. Good job!

NOTE: If you get a warning that your email is already in use, please contact our support team on chat. We’ll help you sort it out.

install Chat-bot

Step 5

Configure your Live Chat. You’ll now begin the product tour. This is where you’re going to do some initial set-ups of your live chat.

You will be able to customize and make changes to your chat widget even more after the tour. So you don’t need to spend too much time on this step.

First, enter your name (or the name of your website or store).

The first step of Tidio account configuration panel

Next, fill in your personal and website data. 

The second step of Tidio configuration panel

And finally, choose your chatbot. If you’re not sure which one you may need, pick any. You can always change it later.

The Third step of Tidio configuration panel

When you’re done with the tour, you will finally see the admin panel. This is where you customize, manage, and track everything. Here, you also chat with your visitors, build your chatbots, and email campaigns.

Step 6

Once you’re done, the chat widget should appear on your WordPress website. By default, it’s location is the lower right-hand corner. You can change the position in the Settings panel and set up more rules or adjust the appearance of your chat widget. We have explained all the possible options in our article about the Channels section.

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