“EGROW- Amazon Product Research Tool”

“EGROW- Amazon Product Research Tool”

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Are you on a hunt for the next killer product for your E-commerce business?Then this article is for you: AMAZON PRODUCT RESEARCH TOOL

EGROW is a web-based product research tool developed for sellers on the largest platform of e-commerce- AMAZON. It has millions of products and is easy to view your products, charts, and dashboard in this tool. You just need to sign in (free to use) and then you are all set to explore.

Visit- https://egrow.io/


EGROW is having a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard of EGROW is very easy to use. At the very top of the screen, you will see three basic tools i.e. Product Tracker, Database Research, Live Amazon Scanner, KW& Niche tool, and Rank Tracker.

Let us now study about these tools:


It is the place where you can add and track the products you’ve been scouting across marketplaces. It is really helpful to track your previously selected product through this tab as it offers the following features:

Main image, Product information: name, brand, ASIN (Amazon Standard Authentication Number), seller, tracked since, group (defined by the user), BSR, reviews, and daily price history. It also displays Number of sellers, Reviews, Listing Quality Score, Sales by month and Revenue by month of the product.


It is the tab where you can explore all your products. It displays everything related to product starting from product category, sub-category, pricing, brand to Estimated revenue, sales, reviews, and fulfillment.

Hence, this is a killer tool to find all the profitable products. Here. There is a + option through which you can add the product to the product tracker.


It is a live Amazon search tool to real-time scan what’s going on in a particular category + keyword. Here you just need to type your keyword and it will automatically display all the keywords starting with your keyword.


This is one of the best tools which gives you the chance to adjust the products through an interval scale. This is the niche search option. You can apply filters as much as you want. This is what this feature is all about.

Here you can see the option to find sourcing of the Niche Category on ALIBABA.COM. This is a good feature if you want to go for sourcing.


It lets us create a different project by ASIN and add the keywords we want to track. Once this is been done, we can check the following info:

  • competing products for the keyword
  • keyword’s trend on the rankings
  • live ranking position
  • Last update data


  • You can only go for 5 product searches and 5 keywords searches in 1 Day.
  • You can access only 50% of the products in the free version. Rest all the products are hidden.

So, In a nutshell, there is only one thing to say that despite having these limitations still, EGROW is one of the best tools. If you are looking for a killer tool for product and keyword research + tracking and search. EGROW is really, really, really easy to use and full of filters and fields you can personalize to refine your search.

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